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Guidelines on how to determine your ring size:

  1. The design of the ring is an important factor to determine the ring size needed, as rings with a wider band feel tighter than rings with a narrow band. We suggest that big rings, that have a band 7mm wide or more, are ordered in a size larger than your normal ring size.
  2. Please note that warm weather makes your fingers larger and cold weather makes them smaller. When your hands are cold they are at least half a ring size smaller.
  3. Your fingers change size during the day and it is best to measure them in the evening, when they are at their largest.
  4. Choose the right finger! Some people prefer to wear rings on the bigger middle-finger. Also, the fingers of your writing hand (for most people the right hand) are usually bigger.
  5. In case you are in between sizes, always go for the bigger size.
  1. Measure a ring you already own: Select a ring that fits the finger properly and that has a similar design to the one you are interested in purchasing (see above point a.). You can then measure the INSIDE diameter of the ring with a tape-measure or ruler. Look at the above chart for diameter and then convert it to the ring size needed. If the diameter falls between two sizes, always choose the bigger size (considering the temperature of your fingers, see point b.) above).
  2. Local jewelers help: In case you find it difficult to measure the INSIDE diameter of your ring, then take the ring to a local jeweler and they can tell you its size.
  3. Use a Ring Sizer: Please email and we will send you our Free Ring Sizer. This allows you to try on different ring sizes and choose between sizes. Alternatively you can go to a local jeweler and they will measure your size. Please note that you still have to consider point a.) and b.) above.
  4. Buying a ring as a gift: borrow a ring of her or him and follow above point a.)

You can call our personal shopper for advise and help at any time under +49 89 59 06 80 11 or email us at